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About me

Razvan "Ilie" Ban


My name is Razvan Ban and I am the founder and CEO of La Mattina Coffee Roastery. I originally come from Timisoara in Romania and have been living in Villach since 2005.

After graduating from KTS Villach in 2008, I prepared my way into self-employment in a number of Carinthian businesses as head barman, sommelier, restaurant manager and managing director. In life, in addition to knowledge and skills, you also need a touch of luck, as I certainly had: In 2013 I met my master roaster and shortly afterwards also my mentor from Trieste, whom I met for the first time at a coffee fair there.

It was there that my love for top-class cafes awoke. I knew at that moment that I only wanted to drink this kind of coffee from now on. And I knew that even if I don't have the chance to visit a roastery every day, I have to set one up myself.

This is how my cafe journey began. I traveled to Germany, Italy and even small towns in Holland in search of the best preparation, perfect roast levels and different roast profiles. Of course, the technical part is very important, but above all is the personality that you put in every cup you make.

The world of coffee is very big, but unique quality is hard to find. Thanks to my mentor, SCAE* Lifetime Achievement winner, I learned a lot about Robusta and Arabica beans. Through numerous tests and trials, I was soon able to decide for myself which cafe really “does me good”.

My work requires a lot of effort and dedication. But at the end of each day, I enjoy the gratitude of people of all ages who now don't want to drink coffee anywhere else.

You have to open the way to roasting and selling yourself. As a freelancer, a lot depends on how much time you invest and what customer base you build up. A year after starting business, some of my customers have already become good friends.

The implementation of events also plays a decisive role for me as an entrepreneur. Networking evenings and charity events are enriching for everyone involved. And if you earn something, you can also give something back.


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